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Meet Nikki Schmidt, LMT - Lymphatic Massage Specialist, Reiki Master and Teacher, and Thrive School Core Team Member

Nikki is an Independent Contractor Massage Therapist with Thrive. She is delighted to offer Lymphatic Massage as well as energy work! In 2020, Nikki experienced an intense and humbling healing journey with her own health. Connecting with the body and believing the body has the innate wisdom to heal, she embarked on a deep journey of surrender, embodying personal empowerment and becoming the most potent version of herself she has been. 

Nikki's passion is to share with others how they can connect with their own inner healer to create harmony within themselves.. While she has extensive experience with massage therapy techniques, at Thrive, Nikki is offering Lymphatic Massage which is a special gentle massage therapy to assist the lymph system to work more efficiently. This can help build immunity and also improve lymphatic drainage where there is compromised mobility. While Lymphatic Massage is often recommended for patients recovering from surgery or injuries, it is actually beneficial for anyone who wants to support this vital system for optical wellness. Nikki also offers Reiki and Integrative Alignment Energy Work.

Nikki was the first Core Team Member of the Thrive School of Practical Spirituality and is working closely with Robert and the school Core Team to develop the mission and vision of the school as it is in the early stages of growing and evolving. She has been instrumental in assisting with community outreach and holding the essence of the energy and vision for how the school can serve our community. Nikki is also a presenter with the school. She looks forward to serving and exploring ways she can be of assistance to her clients and our community.

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