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Meet Beit Gorski, MA, LPC

Beit Gorski, (xe/xem, elle) a spiritual coach, offers introductory
multidimensional wellness inventory consultations along with follow-up
coaching sessions, community workshops, and movement-based
groups that support community members in finding, reclaiming,
exploring, or deepening their spiritual wellness as centered on each
persons values, beliefs, and cultural home.

Beit actively engages in trauma-informed work that seeks to grow
effective and equitable mental health services. Xe supports shifting the
social tide from revolving doors and cracks in the system to stable and
thriving families in community.

Xe serves as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in a university mental health clinic and has

20 years of experience supporting community clients during acute trauma recovery, psychiatric

emergencies, and other forms of trauma-related crisis, as well as supporting adults and children

who have experienced intimate partner violence / domestic violence.

With a background in cognitive development research and as a clinical author, xe enjoyed a faculty

position teaching undergraduate community engagement and diversity seminars. Currently, xe guest
lectures at a variety of universities and clinics, presenting (by invitation) at local, national, and international conferences centering on education and human rights.


Beit is dedicated to ongoing and collaborative work across communities to co-create safety and general

wellness in the context of intentional and meaningful inclusion that celebrates and honors all identities and

“It's rare to find someone in mental healthcare that has done it all, is deeply knowledgeable about the field, yet humbly leads with xyr heart and is so contagiously authentic, you cannot help but let your true self out to join xem. Beit brings a beautiful blend of magic energy and grounded realness to every encounter, leaving people more in touch with their bodies, while also having an extensive wellness toolkit at the ready.  Beit is well prepared to meet just about every person right where they are and find a unique and collaborative path forward. Beit is critically aware of the impacts of systemic oppression and skilled at inviting reflection on the nuances of intersectional identities from a place of accountability and compassion. As a Trauma Psychologist I would not hesitate to send my most complex and vulnerable clients xyr way.”

-John Bridger, PhD, Trauma Psychologist

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