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Meet Beckie Wagner, Energy Work Specialist

The door to energy healing was forever opened to her through Nancy Evans' teaching of Integrative Alignment Energy Work several years ago. It became apparent to Beckie that she had been working with energy for many years but had not known or called it that. Nancy and Robert helped to name and give structure to the modality and the way has been opened for continued learning and expanded consciousness.


This past year, Beckie spent 9 months in Internship learning the modality of Attunement Energy Healing and Way of Being. The journey has been a transformative one and has called her to a greater service in the world through a sharing of these energy modalities. In addition to her interest in and knowledge of Earth-based spirituality, she has a lot of experience working with people who have experienced religious trauma in their lives, making it difficult for them to enter into relationship with their own divine spirit or higher consciousness. She welcomes dialogue around these issues.


Beckie also has a lot of experience leading small groups to facilitate personal growth. Working together, we can learn to listen deeply to one another, trust others and ourselves more deeply, and learn interrelationship skills that serve us in our everyday world. You are invited to explore with her some of these interests and communication modalities if you feel led to do so. Let the journey begin!

Beckie comes to Thrive Clinic with Energy certification in Integrative Alignment and Attunement modalities. But she also brings with her years of experience creating, planning and leading ceremony from an earth-based spiritual focus.
Along with all this hands-on experience, she brings a strong intuitive knowing and an empathic nature that has been present with her from her earliest days of memory.

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