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Raise Your Vibration

A Personal and Spiritual Growth Program

Raise Your Vibration 

is a Personal and Spiritual Growth Program facilitated by our Founders, Nancy and Robert Evans. Their purpose is to assist those on a path of self-discovery who hunger for spiritual connection and a fulfilling life.

To embody one's spiritual journey is to give it tangible expression in everyday living - in relationships, work or school, play, and devotion. The Evans' share tools for practical spirituality that can help you to align, integrate, and adapt, even in the midst of challenges.


Robert and Nancy's classes are always imaginative, fun, and experiential. Their program is developmental in nature and will help you in your journey from your initial Self-Activation, to Self-Empowerment, to Self-Realization. The Evans' unique program includes:

  • Online and in-person classes focused on your foundational and developmental personal and spiritual growth

  • Spirit Talks with Soul Friends - conversations to empower and accelerate your self-discovery

  • Meditation and breathwork techniques with specific guided meditations to deepen your inner connection to your divinity

  • Energy Work to assist you with dissolving fears, false beliefs, and reactive patterns of behavior which can help liberate and empower you to embrace the beautiful and profound person/soul you truly are 

  • Professional Energy Work Training for those who wish to assist others in their sacred journey

SpiritTalks with Nancy & Robert

Conversations with Soul Friends to help Empower Your Self-Discovery!

At its best, being a human means living a life that abounds with loving, joyful miracles.  At its worse, being a human may feel like living in a maze full of hurt, confusion, and fear. Ultimately the difference between these contrasting life experiences is a matter of Personal and Spiritual Awareness and Empowerment.
SpiritTalks is an intimate conversation series enabling people to speak directly with a specialist team of non-physical Soul Friends who are accomplished in helping humans learn how to live easier, more successful, and spiritually aware lives. These fun, intimate, and powerful conversations are hosted as a service by Nancy and Robert Evans, with Nancy serving as the voice channeling for this collection of Soul Friends who call themselves the In-Spirit Team, with whom Nancy and Robert work very closely.
This In-Spirit Team is very accomplished at assisting people around the world, supporting their spiritual awakening and developmental empowerment so that people can live easier, happier, more successful lives… both for themselves and for their service to their fellow humans. The In-Spirit Team likes to share that they, too, are served and supported by others, as are those who serve them. “It is a beautiful system,” the Team likes to say.  And so, in turn, Nancy and Robert are pleased to offer you these unique opportunities to speak personally with these enlightened Soul Friends who are part of a Divinely expansive team assisting humanity and Earth.
Nancy and Robert host their In-Spirit Talks in public conversations monthly at their Thrive Community Acupuncture & Massage Clinic in central Fort Collins. CLICK HERE for the next gathering details.

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