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CORE Team recording from 05.03.23 with
the In-Spirit Team and the Ascension Team
Core Team 05.03.23
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CORE Team recording from 07.27.23 with
the In-Spirit Team and the Ascension Team.
Core Team 05.03.23
00:00 / 01:04

07/29.23 - Follow-up to CORE Meeting on July 27th from Mary...

If the recording above doesn't work for you try this link instead:  

Hello Team, 

I hope this finds you all inspired and enthused for the day and for all that we are creating. Here's a brief review of what we discussed at the last meeting the other night: 

1. Finalized the August "We Got This" Event. Dee will be doing Tai Chi, Nikki -Breathwork and Nikki's connection Bianca doing sound exploration. Bio, descriptions and pictures will be sent to Robert so that he can create the flyer and Mary can begin the marketing. 

2. September's event on Sept 29th will be Growing the Abundant Heart. We will be reaching out to presenters - Amanda Fewell, Catherine Teck and Anna (see Nikki for details and to let her know if this will work for you) 

3. Spirit Talks will resume on Sept. 1 and Robert and Nancy will be here for that as well as the one in Oct. They will zoom in for the You Got This events. Julie will help with the set up for those zooms as well as open up the Spirit Talks to be zoomed in on for participants outside the local area. (expanding our reach!)

4. The Spirit Teams communicated to us - Robert is sending out that recording. Thankful for the guidance, clarification and wisdom offered to each of us as well as to the group. 

5. After hearing from the Spirit Teams, we brainstormed some ideas for the October You Got This. Words and energies that came up- Nourishing, Ignite, , Putting it all together, Self Fulfillment, Going for it.  Each of us is asked to be open to ideas and to share those with each other before the next meeting.

6. Having more connection with each other outside of our meetings is being encouraged as we each reflect on the messages that were shared from the Spirit Teams. Recognizing the importance of supporting and connecting with each other so that we can keep our vibrations high and live in that causal field more and more. I thank you in advance for that as I know that will be of help to me.


7. Next Core meeting is scheduled for August 17th at 6:30PM. Robert and Nancy will be zooming in from their new home. 


With gratitude, 


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