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Peace can be Achieved...

Join Nancy & Robert for this Important Series on Zoom

Three Classes, from 7 - 8 pm on Thursdays in January: the 4th, 11th,and 18th

Never in our lifetimes has there been a more important time to cultivate inner peace. And perhaps, there has never been a more difficult time... It takes effort to protect oneself from being bombarded with information from every direction that is designed to increase your fear.

We have found the greatest obstacle to obtaining inner peace is over thinking tainted with fear and false beliefs. Our own experience has taught us that overcoming over thinking is no easy task. Finding that deep space of peace can feel elusive or fleeting, as old hooks grab us and highjack our thoughts and emotions.

What if instead, the highjack becomes an opportunity to transform thoughts, fears, and false beliefs into a deep knowing of what is true and reflects who you actually are. (Hint...Spirit in Form!) What if you can then  ascend to feeling more at peace with your choices reflecting that peace? We invite you to contemplate just that and join us for this life changing class! 

We have used many techniques in our healing spiritual journeys and have been grateful for each and every one. This new process has passed our test for being easy to use and yielding positive results, even on difficult issues that have persisted for a long time. While some fears and beliefs have layers to them, each layer that is transformed brings a sense of lightness and freedom which can powerfully enhance your life.

Best of all, you will learn and practice this technique throughout this three week series, so you have time to find your rhythm. Then, if you would like to talk with others who have taken the class in our chat room, that will be available to you. Also, if you would like more personal support, Nancy is offering small groups or individual sessions to assist your ascension journey. This is your time! And we are here to help you live freely in Spirit so that you can help others to do the same in your own unique ways!

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