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Energy Healing

Energy Work

About Energy Work

Energy work may be the healing art that has existed longer than any other kind of healing art. A parent's natural instinct to gently cradle their child's scraped knee speaks to our inherent knowing of the power of touch combined with love and healing intention. Today, many people have discovered energy work and consider it a valuable addition to their wellness plan.

So what does an Energy Practitioner do? Energy Practitioners work with the energy systems of the body including the chakras, auric fields, meridians, and life force energy called Qi. When the energetic systems are out of balance or blocked, the physical system may be affected and fatigue or illness can occur. Our Energy Practitioners offer a variety of techniques that are described below. People who receive energy work often say they feel relaxed, peaceful, and calm. They may also have relief from headaches, pain and stress and as you will read below, so many more positive benefits can occur.

Energy Work Services

Learn to offer Reiki Energy Work with Nikki!

Join Nikki for this fabulous opportunity to learn to offer Energy Work for the benefit of yourself and others in two private 2-hour sessions! 

These sessions can be scheduled and paid for by calling our office at (970) 282-8300.

You will learn:

1.  The nature of healing energy

2.  How thoughts and emotions affect our energy field

3.  Using the power of intention to focus energy

4.  How to access and focus loving energy for healing

5.  Hand positions for self-healing

6.  How to provide healing energy for others in person

7.  How to provide healing energy from a distance

8.  The recorded history of Reiki

9.  Reiki Attunements

Receive a total of 4 hours of training for a total of $275.00.

Note: If you continue your study of Reiki to include Levels 2 and 3, Nikki also offers these levels in the same format for the same price. 

Also, if you would like to take this training with a friend, Nikki can accommodate that as well.

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