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Peace can be Achieved

January 4th, 11th, and 18th, 2024

Peace Can Be Achieved, class #1, 01.04.24

The "Neutral" meditation begins at 29 min, 37 sec. Enjoy!
Peace Class 1 audio 50 biterate
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Peace Can Be Achieved, class #2, 01.11.24

The "Sacred Heart" meditation begins at 11 min, 15 sec. 

For this week:
We invite you to explore with how you can embody the peace-full energies you felt with your Soul, and from your Soul, during this meditation. You and your heart-connection with your Soul are now activated within a very high and sacred level of frequency... a vibration of aligned resonance. You get to integrate that now. And you get to share your expansive light, love, and peace with everyone around you. Own that who you are is sacred. And all you share is divine!
Peace Class 2 Audio 228 bitrate
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Peace Can Be Achieved, class #3, 01.18.24

The "Cosmic Peacemaker" meditation begins at 59 min, 22 sec. 

This week we brought it "home!" We know that if we stumble and fall there is no reason to worry! Yes we are human, but more than that we are spirits-in-human form and we know we have far more available to us than our mere bones, flesh, and brains! We know how to pick ourselves back up if needed, as we continue to ascend into our higher states of being with the support of our Souls and Spirits!

We also know that WE are the peacemakers the world has been waiting for. Because our hearts, minds, and spirits contain the power and love of the one breath of Creator that flows through us each...  the breath of PEACE!
Peace Class 3 edit 1
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