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YOU are made of stardust!
And powered by Spirit!

Hello Everyone!


We’re sending this only to the attendees of the September 1st channeling event. 


As the In-Spirit Team says in this recording, YOU and every single person who attended that night’s session is uniquely important, in that you/we all have signed on for, and been specially prepared for, this exact timeframe in humanity’s and Earth’s transformation. We see you… and honor you… for who you are and all you are doing for yourself and humanity.


The In-Spirit Team has suggested we organize a “check-in” Zoom session with you all. That way we can catch up with one another, share some support, as well as speak with the In-Spirit Team again as they said they’d like to do. We will send out a separate email shortly polling “best times” to do this.


Regarding the audio recording, you’ll see below some important time-stamps we think you'll find helpful.


We hope you are all doing great and enjoying your “Walmart strolls” as you share your precious energies as you are round and about! Please know that you impact far more than you can imagine. 

Enjoy the recording in the player below!


In Spirit,


Robert & Nancy


Recording Time Stamps:


6:15                       In-Spirit Team begins to speak


29:17 to 41:10        The “Soul Meditation”


Followed by Discussion, Q & A



  • Overcoming any “thick” negative energies in or around us

  • Changing our intention not to give in to the muck

  • Know your name (it’s coded with helpful information!)

  • Don’t settle


1:03:37                   Earth and your own contributions

1st Friday Channeling 09.01.23 In-Spirit Team
00:00 / 1:11:53
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