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Classes & Events

An Uplifting Evening
of Creation!

To be a true human is to be an expression of Spirit. To be an expression of Spirit is to be full of creativity and joy, Come experience first hand how uplifting joyful creativity can be!

Jonathan Sadler handpan drums.png
Friday May 26th - 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
in Person at Thrive!

Jonathan Sadler

This monthly "You Got This! Uplifting Conversations Series is designed to help you breathe in and celebrate the IN-SPIRIT-ATIONAL JOY that is your divine birthright! 

Our presenters are:

  • Chelsea Glanz - Artist/Creativity Teacher

  • Jonathan Sadler - Musician/Handpan Drum

  • Miriam Gassman - Laughter Yoga Leader

Seating is limited! Please register to attend this event!

Our LAST FRIDAY events are always for no fee but with a donation for one of our community nonprofits requested the evening of. Donations for this event go to Aspire 3D - Loveland Housing Authority. Thank you for supporting them!

Beginners Tai Chi Class with Dee
Tuesdays @ 7 pm - 8 pm
Starts June 6th - September 5th
Location: Thrive CommUnity Acupuncture 

Tai Chi Chuan (or simply Tai Chi) is a movement practice rooted in qigong, martial arts and meditation.  Practicing Tai Chi helps to invigorate the movement of qi, strengthen the root, and bring more mindfulness to your life.  

This will be a 13-week class covering the first section of the Yang style Tai Chi Chuan form as taught by Professor Cheng Man Ching (or CMC style), also referred to as the “First Third”.  This is a self contained form that can be practiced on its own and is the foundation of the full form for students wanting to continue.

Class limited to 6 students
Covid-19 vaccination required
$195 for the full 13 weeks

Tai Chi Woman.png
Tai Chi Level 2 Class
Thursdays @ 7 pm - 8 pm
Starts June 8th - September 7th
Location: Thrive CommUnity Acupuncture

This will be a 13 week class, continuing the Yang style Tai Chi  Chuaan form as taught by Professor Cheng Man Ching (or CMB style.) The next series of movements will be taught along with a deepening into fundamentals.

Class limited to 6 students
Covid-19 vaccination required
​$195.00 for full 13 weeks.

Integrative Alignment 
Energy Work Training
Level 3
June 23rd (evening) and June 24th and 25th 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.

This is the third level IA course. Levels 1 and 2 are required to register for this class. 

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