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Integrative Alignment Brain Integration

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Welcome! Integrative Alignment is an Energy Work System which creates openings to:

  • Enjoy improved brain performance and health

  • ​​Identify and change limiting subconscious beliefs

  • Release fears and feelings holding you back, to embody trust and love

  • Create healthy, loving relationships​

  • Align from your heart with Self-Love, Soul and Spirit​​

  • Live with purpose and create the life you truly want and deserve

Are you, or a loved one, challenged by symptoms of stress, poor brain functioning and/or learning difficulties? Integrative Alignment Energy Work is an acupressure based therapy developed by Nancy Evans and her friend, Harolyn Ellison in 2012. This effective energy therapy emerged from Nancy's many years of working with kids, teens, and adults experiencing stress and learning difficulties.

Integrative Alignment (IA) is a non-invasive energy work technique which focuses primarily on relieving and resolving the effects of stress, that can compromise brain performance. IA has helped people of all ages overcome fears, enjoy improved memory, gain more confidence, and achieve better relationships while enjoying greater self-esteem.

The list below shows some of the kinds of challenges that Nancy has been helping clients with since 2006:

  • Stress symptoms

  • Anxiety

  • Poor self-esteem

  • Lack of motivation

  • Lingering Fear

  • Concussion resulting in lingering changes in brain performance

  • Compromised memory

  • Distractibility, poor focus

  • Reading comprehension and recall issues

  • Confusing right and left

  • Poor handwriting

  • Poor organization, planning and problem solving

  • Physical coordination and balance

  • Defiance

  • Sensory Processing challenges, visual, auditory, issues with clothing

  • Listening skills, understanding, memory

  • Challenges with math, memorizing facts, calculations, word problems

As these stresses and brain processing impairments are reduced or resolved, using comfortable, noninvasive techniques, a variety of positive benefits may result, including enhanced brain performance, improved emotional health and stability, better physical coordination, and easier success in academics, leading to a stronger sense of self-worth, self-confidence, and overall resilience. 

Benefits Clients Have Reported





Decreased pain
Increased energy
Improved digestion
Restful sleep
Balanced senses
Improved relaxation
Mental clarity
Improved memory
Academic success
Focus and attention
Problem solving
Positive self-esteem
Peace and calm
Life balance
Spiritual connection
Sense of purpose
Ongoing gratitude
Feeling centered 
Healthy relationships

How Does it Work?

Using muscle bio-feedback testing based on the needs of the client, the practitioner identifies the stressed areas of the brain and central nervous system.

​Brain challenges can occur from stress negatively impacting the flow of information through the neural networks of the brain. Usually, when this occurs there is no actual brain damage, just less efficient processing of information. Sometimes this will correct on its own, such as when you temporarily forget answers when you're stressed while taking a test, only to remember them the minute you turn in the test. But sometimes, the brain doesn't correct on its own and the challenges become more permanent. 


Integrative Alignment practitioners use healing frequencies of energy which focus on specific areas of the brain that are related to the challenges being experienced by the client. With the introduction of the higher frequencies of energy, the brain seems to recalibrate toward a more optimal flow of information, often resulting in improved function, which can be observed and measured. While we can't prove that is what is happening, it is the best explanation we have for the positive results seen over the past 16 years. 

What to Expect


Nancy currently works with adults (ages 18 and up) remotely from her office in Billings, MT.

If you are not familiar with remote energy work, please know that Nancy has been doing distance energy work and brain integration for many years, effectively helping people who are long distances away.


She prefers to work with clients on Zoom which allows for assessing physical activities (such as eye movements and physical coordination) during the therapy.

​You will be asked to complete and submit an intake form before your first session. This form will be reviewed and discussed during your first session and goals will be established. 


Most people report feeling more relaxed and clear even after the first session. The number of sessions needed varies depending on the nature of the challenges being experienced. For most people, between six and ten sessions is common for optimal results.


​"​A close friend recommended Nancy to us for our 8 year old son who had been struggling with anxiety on top of other things. When we first went to see Nancy we weren't really sure what to expect but within minutes of being in her office we knew we had come to the right place. From the moment we met Nancy, she was incredible. She was kind and understanding and was willing to take the time to really listen to us and the concerns we wanted help with. When she first started working on our son he was anxious, talkative, and could barely sit still. Within 5 minutes he was relaxed, calm and on the verge of falling asleep. I remember thinking, how incredible it was and how much he needed this.

When we left Nancy's office the first time my son turned to me and said, "Mom, I don't know what that lady did but can I go back everyday." Nancy helped to change my son's life in only one session. It was truly amazing! Now my son is able to recognize how his body is feeling and will even come to me and say, "Hey mom, I think I need a session with Nancy!" when he isn't feeling 100%."     -AS

"Integrative Alignment Energy Work has changed my life! For the past 20 years I have experienced symptoms of PTSD, while also suffering from moderate to severe anxiety. I was in and out of therapy throughout this time, and experienced some improvement. When I was made aware of IA Energy Work I had no idea what to expect. Within a few sessions, I started to feel lighter and more joyful, and I was surprised by how much my anxiety decreased – the feeling was pleasant, and yet so foreign to me.

​After three months of receiving IA Energy Work, I was presented with what would usually send me into a fight or flight response for hours at a time. To my surprise, my body did not respond and I remained calm and peaceful – this was shocking to me! For the past 20 years of my life, my body had responded to this trigger with overwhelming fear. Now my nightmares and experience of hyper-vigilance have ceased, and I no longer describe myself as anxious. I continue to feel lighter and experience more joy in my life. I am more patient, present, and better able to manage stress. Integrative Alignment Energy Work has helped me to heal deep wounds and live a life that a year ago I felt was not possible!"     -AB

"For years, since being a young teenager, I had struggled with depression and debilitating anxiety. I went through the typical rounds of talk therapy and medication, but always knew that there was a deeper, more complete way to heal that I had not yet found. Integrative Alignment (IA) entered my life in my mid-twenties, and I am living fully today because of it. Never had I experienced such a restorative therapy, even having had some experience with acupuncture. IA has been the one and only therapy that for me, truly gets to the root cause of an issue and invites positive transformation. Thanks to IA, and Nancy specifically, I live a full, vibrant life, a quality of life I could not have imagined before meeting Nancy. IA restored in me the peace and wholeness I knew my being was capable of. From deep within my heart, I am ever grateful for IA as a means to healing and living fully."     -ES

"I just wanted to tell you what happened at my son's parent/teacher conference on Friday. His teacher told me he is currently doing 6th grade reading work in her class (with the help of his special teachers) but nonetheless he is at GRADE LEVEL! He has NEVER been at grade level before!

At the end of last year he was a full 2 grades behind! Then if that wasn't good enough news, she told me that she had instructed all of the kids to write a paragraph. They had parameters they needed to stay within and special rules, etc. She said that my son wrote the most beautiful paragraph and followed ALL of the rules! She said he did better than most of the class!!!

...When she told me this, I was just grinning from ear to ear, thinking to myself, "It worked"! ...I'm TRULY convinced now that this has worked and has helped my son. Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!     -SD

"Hello - guess what? J (a student at Front Range Community College) had his first math exam last Friday, and today he learned that his score was a 90%. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! In the four years of math since we moved here, J has never even been in the 80% range. Thank you so much for helping J get back on track!"    -DL

"My 8-year old son's writing has improved tremendously -- from almost every printed letter written backwards in 1st grade to all of them printed forward facing and very clear after Nancy's BIT work during 2nd grade.  His teachers have been amazed.  His agility, balance and athletic abilities have also all improved as Nancy corrected his internal confusion balancing his front-back, up-down, and left-right switching.  This work has literally changed our son's life and our parenting focus forever."    -JG

"My 11-year old son actually asked to see Nancy as he was frustrated-to-tears with 4th grade writing.  He wanted the writer's block to go away.  He wanted it to be easy for him to read a passage, process the details and summarize.  During the sessions he also worked on his spelling and now we have a 'great speller'.  His CSAP scores went from below grade level in 4th grade to advanced at the end of 5th grade.  We and his teachers have celebrated much learning growth in his qualitative numbers, but bottom-line, writing now comes easy for him and he loves it."  -JG

"I just wanted to send you a quick note. I had met with Sara's teacher for her end of year results yesterday. She commented about how Sara is so much different in school now then she used to be.  She said that she started to notice a change in Feb and she is just more focused then before. She said the day before our meeting, she was watching Sara in class, and thought to herself about how much she has changed.  Before, she never could keep Sara focused and she would always have to redirect her at least couple of times a day. She said she never has to do that anymore and that she is just there!!!!...Isn't that great? Thought you would want to know!"    -SW

Hi Nancy,  Don't know if you got my last update where in November R was reading at 32 wpm and the same the first week of January and then at the end of February, she made a huge leap to 66 wpm!

Spring break did wonders for her progress. So much so, in fact, that our first week back her teacher stopped me after school and urgently asked, "What DID you do over spring break???!!!" I responded (a bit concerned and taken aback) with, "Nothing, really. We just hung out." "Well, whatever you did, keep on doing it because she's a different kid! She's confident - raising her hand for every question I ask - and her work is amazing!" I'm certain that the BIT just keeps making more and more connections. Her private OT is thrilled, too! Things like deductive reasoning, which used to be so hard for R, are effortless skills now. At my last parent/teacher conference a few weeks ago, R's teacher says she's about one trimester behind (which is a huge improvement). I think the most important change is the confidence. It's great to see her believing in herself.

We started a reading dog program at our school in March, wherein our reluctant readers read to therapy dogs once a week to reduce their anxiety. R LOVES it and seeks out reading on her own now, too. It's been a great program....Fondly, -SR

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