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Become a Be Well Work Well Partner!

Community Health Partner Registration Form for Businesses, Nonprofits & Organizations

Welcome aboard, Wellness Partner!

We look forward to growing a wonderful wellness relationship with your organization and team!

Please fill out and submit the short form below. 

Again your staff, you, and all of your immediate family members can receive your

FREE FIRST-TIME ACUPUNCTURE APPOINTMENT by simply calling us at 970-282-8300.

They just need to tell us that they work for your organization.

All follow-up acupuncture sessions are only $44 and can be scheduled either by phone or conveniently online.

​Please address any questions or needs to Robert at

(Please note that BW3 is intended for businesses or organizations with four or more employees.)

Thank you!

Register for your BW3 Membership Here!

Thanks for submitting!

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