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Living Your

Ascension Path


You know you are ready when...

  • You have a strong desire to overcome your fears and make new choices
  • You can sense the high frequencies of love as they surround and infuse you
  • You are no longer willing to settle for how things have been
  • You are willing to transcend the past to ascend to who you truly are... Spirit in form having a human experience... 

What You Will Learn & Experience

  • Meditations to help you experience and learn to dwell in the higher frequency levels beyond the astral realm
  • How to identify, assess, and transform fears and beliefs that interfere with your path of ascension
  • Techniques to assist you to transmute old patterns of behaviors and reactions so that you can accelerate your ascension
  • The nature of reality as it relates to energies and dimensions on this planet and in our universe
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Unique Class Format

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This unique class is taught by Nancy Evans who has been formally dedicated to her spiritual path since 1985. Since then, she has helped hundreds of people as an RN, as an energy healer and creator, and as a spiritual teacher.

The format for this class is as follows:
  • Each class meets weekly for 1.5 hours on zoom for 3 consecutive weeks
  • Each class has 3 students selected by Nancy from those who request to take the class
  • Nancy will coordinate with the 3 students to find a set weekly time for the class which works for all 3 students
  • Each class is formatted to meet the unique needs of the 3 students who are participating in that series
  • Students have easy access to meditations that are provided as part of the class experience along with recordings of each class


Student Testimonials

"The Ascension class is transformative!  The very small group made it very personal.  Nancy created and held a very safe space, encouraged us to ask questions, be vulnerable and look deep within to release beliefs that are holding us back.  I took full advantage of that.  The meditations are excellent, taking us to higher vibrational levels.  The more I listen to the recorded meditations, the easier it is to be in the higher frequencies."  CS

"Thank you so much for offering this Ascension class.  I have learned so very much and feel quite energized with tools to take me where I want to go.  More important – I know how to use the tools!" NC


"Yesterday was one of those days where everything fell apart.  Things broke, didn’t work, I couldn’t fix them – a VERY trying day. As I was winding down (having decided this was NOT the day to try to “accomplish” anything), I realized I was in a really good mood!  Upbeat, happy!  And then I understood I spent the day in a totally different level than I have ever spent that kind of day before.  I wasn’t frustrated, upset, angry, irritable.  I wasn’t feeling depressed or sad.  NO messages to myself about “not being good enough” because nothing was working for me!  I just flowed into my evening with peace.


I credit this to the Ascension class as well as to my new daily habit of meditating and checking in with myself throughout the day (which came from the Ascension class also)…………..Blessings on you. Keep up the good work!" NC

How to Participate

Follow these easy steps:
  • Call our office to register for this class.       (970) 282-8300 or...

  • Email Nancy at

  • The total cost for each participant in this series is $285.00 which is payable upon acceptance into the class. 

  • Please contact our office if a reduction in tuition or payment plan will help you take this class.

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