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Thrive Coworking

We have 2 offices available to rent by the hour!

Are you looking for a beautiful, comforting, professional home to grow or maintain your business? We have two fully furnished offices that are now available to lease through our new Thrive Coworking Program . These rooms are perfect for body workers, counselors or coaches, or for those who simply need a desk for their laptop and other work supplies.

We are conveniently located in central Fort Collins, within eyesight of College Avenue, so if you have clients visiting your office you're in a central location. You'll have the opportunity to connect with other Thrive providers if desired, and enjoy our convenient office amenities which include our large lobby, staff kitchen, restrooms and free parking.


You'll also have the option to have a professional listing on our Thrive website, as well as utilize our online scheduling system with reception support if needed at no additional expense. 

Here are the Details!

Description of the Fee Structure
  • Pricing depends on the number of days per week of usage. Four hours minimum per day required.

  • A 2-month minimum commitment is required. If you wish to extend your rental beyond the current agreement, a one month notice is required.

  • All fees are paid in advance by the first of each month for that month's usage.

Hourly Pricing

$19.00 per hour for 1 day* usage per week 

$17.00 per hour for 2 days* usage per week

$15.00 per hour for 3 days* usage per week

*4 hours minimum per day required

Full day and unique scheduling requests are welcome and host will accommodate if possible. Longer term leases are also available depending on needs.

Interested? Call today to discuss how our professional and supportive environment can help YOU achieve your goals!
An appointment is required to see the rooms. Thank you for understanding.
(970) 282-8300 

Room One

Room One is a versatile room that can be used in a variety of ways. There is an adjustable desk which accommodates working seated or standing by simply pressing a button. There are also 4 chairs (with more available) if you are a coach or counselor who works with one person or small groups. This room can also easily be converted to accommodate your massage table. 

20240329_213030 - Copy (2).jpg
20240330_141325 - Copy.jpg

Room Two

Room two is set up with a massage table to accommodate those who wish to rent a room for body work, such as massage, energy work, or acupuncture. The room also includes a towel warmer and storage space for your supplies if needed. You provide your own towels and sheets. 


Our Lobby (Waiting Room)

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