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Meet Robert & Nancy Evans, Founders and Directors 

Robert and Nancy were fortunate to meet in the 80’s as they attended spiritual classes together with their teachers, Sharon and Patrick O’Hara, with The Growing Place. Since then, they have each been focused seekers, dedicated to the developmental growth of learning and integrating their spiritual discoveries into every aspect of their daily living.


Building upon a long history of being a community activist and builder, Robert has supported, founded, and managed several nonprofit and for-profit entities, as well as worked with city, county, and public education institutions in numerous advisory roles. In each role he has emphasized that our community institutions are responsible for collaborating with one another to the highest, holistic, good of their diverse citizenry. Robert and his businesses have received a number of public and private awards and recognitions for his community leadership.


Robert also has a strong background teaching and mentoring on human potential and spiritual growth. He has enjoyed helping organizations, their leaders, and their staff expand their abilities regarding Emotional Intelligence, team building, conflict resolution, and spirit-focused business development.

Nancy has been an accomplished trailblazer in the fields of wellness and healthcare throughout her adult career. After becoming a Registered Nurse in 1985, she later moved on to serving as a Nurse Manager and Nursing Instructor in Richmond, Virginia until she moved to Colorado in 2002.


Comprehensive experience in major institutional medicine helped Nancy discover how essential integrative and alternative healthcare options can be. That led her to getting certified in a wide variety of therapies, including Yoga, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Reiki, Applied Kinesiology, and Brain Integration Technique.


After developing a popular practice serving many individuals and families in 2006, Nancy joined together with a friend, Harolyn Ellison, LMT to create Integrative Alignment Energy Work that proved to be a more simple and effective way to help clients reach their goals. Nancy also teaches IA Energy Work to other practitioners so they can better serve their clients.


In 2011, Robert and Nancy together founded their wellness center which quickly grew to offer Community Acupuncture. This special style of acupuncture grew quickly and eventually became known as Thrive Community Acupuncture, a vital wellness center in Fort Collins, Colorado.


In 2023, Robert and Nancy were joined by a team of community members and providers to create the Thrive School of Practical Spirituality. The focus of the school is to offer a variety of classes, events, and mentoring services focused on helping people live happier, more successful lives. 2023 also ushered in a move for the Evans to Billings, Montana, where they are pleased continue to be of service to their team in Colorado and to their friends in Montana and all over the world. 

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