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Life coaching

Thrive Coaching

About Coaching

Are you experiencing symptoms of stress and overwhelm from current or past negative experiences? Do you wish you had someone who can help you to explore what's going on and work with you step by step as you bring about change in your life?  

Having a coach can be very helpful for gaining perspectives and exploring options for positive changes in life.  A coach can help to encourage you and hold you accountable as you move toward reaching your goals. This can result in you feeling better about  yourself, improved relationships, establishing new goals for work or school, and finding new ways to enjoy your life!  In other words, a coach can help you upgrade all areas of your life!

These Thrive Providers Offer Coaching Services:

Are you ready for an upgrade?

Breaking through emotional and spiritual barriers is a powerful journey and can feel scary and/or uncomfortable at times. Nancy helps people become aware of and transform beliefs, emotions, and behaviors that are creating stress in their lives.


This sets the stage for being in alignment to know and manifest what is truly desired. This can take some time and practice to begin to "live from" the new beliefs and Nancy helps her clients through this sacred process with Spiritual Guidance which can be combined with Integrative Alignment Energy Work if desired. ​

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