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Meet Jeff Brew, L.Ac., Dipl. AC

Jeff’s journey to becoming an acupuncturist began as a patient when he found acupuncture after an accident that severely impacted his quality of life. After feeling disheartened with a very short list of options offered by his doctors, he found the relief he experienced from acupuncture treatment totally life changing! What began as research to seek understanding exploded into a passion to share the healing he experienced with others.

After completing his undergraduate degree in Psychology in 2009, Jeff began attending classes at the prestigious Southwest Acupuncture College (SWAC) in 

Boulder where he was introduced to the “Community Acupuncture” model through a clinic for the homeless and working poor. Jeff describes this as one of the most rewarding clinical experiences of his education. During this time he also attended trainings for Acupuncturists Without Borders, Injection Therapy Acupuncture, Reiki, Qi Gong, and he worked with an AIDS outreach clinic.

After graduating in August, 2012 and receiving his Diplomate and Acupuncture License, he worked with Dr. Robin Saltonstall at 40plus Integrative Health in Boulder. Shortly thereafter, he joined Fort Collins CommUnity Acupuncture (now Thrive CommUnity Acupuncture) and has continued to serve our patients during his career over the years.

In 2017 Jeff began practicing within the Integrative Medicine department of the Centura Health system, working in the hospital and primary care setting. This gave Jeff the opportunity to focus on integrative pain management, oncology, and women’s health, providing additional depth to his practice. During his time at Centura Jeff trained resident physicians on the Integrative Medicine track, as well as provided a continuing medical education course to hospitalists at Longmont United Hospital on acupuncture therapy as an alternative to opioids.

Since leaving Centura Jeff has been able to continue to pursue his dual passions of community health and integrative medicine by joining the pain management team at the Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), a community-based geriatrics clinic in Lafayette, Colorado.
One of Jeff’s dreams for the future of acupuncture is bringing it to people who need it most but may not have access, especially those in distress. During his education, Jeff was trained by Acupuncturists Without Boarders - a philanthropic organization that has sent acupuncturists to disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, the earthquake in Haiti, and the shootings in Aurora Colorado.

During the severe flooding in Lyons in 2013, Jeff was surprised to find himself on the receiving end of that natural disaster. After he and his pets were rescued from the flood, Jeff immediately put his training to use as a volunteer giving acupuncture to first responders and evacuees in the initial days and weeks following the flood.

In recognition of the amazing work that Colorado acupuncture volunteers, like Jeff, did during that incident, the Medical Reserve Corps (a federal government emergency response program) decided that Colorado needed to develop an acupuncture unit to respond to these types of events. Remarkably, this is the first unit of its kind in the USA. In addition to being a volunteer acupuncturist with this new organization, Jeff served as the training coordinator for the first year of the program and helped develop the training course for new volunteers.

Beyond being a gifted healer, Jeff enjoys life with his wife and daughter and is often found outdoors, whether climbing the canyons of the Front Range or working in his garden at home. An accomplished chef as well as an acupuncturist, Jeff recognizes the importance of using food not only as a source of sustenance and joy but as medicine as well. Jeff’s clinical philosophy is based on the joyful integration of his love of life with his personal and professional healing journey. He is excited and grateful to be working with the patients of Thrive CommUnity Acupuncture on their journey toward serenity and better health.

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