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Meet Dee Gorski, L.Ac., Thrive Team Manager

Dee (they/she) found their way to meridian therapy through martial arts research. Discovering styles based in manipulating meridians and acupoints, they began studying acupressure and shiatsu manuals for understanding of the meridians and points. For years they used what they learned to help friends and family (and themself, of course) with minor ailments while continuing to work in IT help desks.   

After having a child and leaving the world of martial arts for a long time, Dee found their way to Tai Chi practice at Rocky Mountain Tai Chi Ch'uan in Boulder.

On recommendation of their teacher, the now late Bataan Faigao, Dee went to Naropa University, where they earned a Bachelor of Arts in Traditional Eastern Arts with an emphasis in Tai Chi Chuan. Dee also studied a variety of traditional arts including Sogetsu Ikebana/Kado (under Shenpen Sensei), Chinese calligraphy and ink painting, Taoist Feng Shui techniques and theory (as presented by Eva Wong), as well as Qi Gong practice and theory, focusing on Microcosmic Orbit and Embryonic Breathing which they were able to share with beginning Tai Chi students at the university.  

With their bachelors complete, they promptly went to Southwest Acupuncture College (SWAC) in Boulder where they completed their Master of Science in Acupuncture. Dee was attracted to the programs at SWAC because of their pragmatic focus on moving students toward licensure as well as their versatility of styles available to study. While there, Dee focused their studies on meridian therapies and esoteric styles that centered around the spirit and harmony with universality. They resonated with Tui Na (Grasp and Pluck) manipulation as well as the classic medical conceptions they studied involving the 8 extraordinary vessels, harmonizing the 5 elements, and moving pathologies using divergent meridians, and trained in these methodologies through coursework and supervised clinicals. 

In 2016, Dee volunteered services providing NADA protocol treatments to the residents and staff at the Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence shelter and launched a small house-call practice, largely providing acupuncture and tui na services in Boulder and Longmont.  The next year they came to work at Thrive (then Fort Collins CommUnity Acupuncture and Massage) and has since been certified in Usui Ryoho Reiki and Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture. Dee's experience at Thrive gives her a large breadth of knowledge and ability to work with a wide range of issues with our patients.

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