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Be Well Work Well

​The Small Business Wellness Movement is Here!
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​Dear Business Leader or Organizational Leader,

Welcome to Be Well Work Well (BW3), our newest community health outreach program.

BW3 is our grassroots health services program designed to support small businesses, nonprofits, schools, churches and public entities. Current BW3 partners include great organizations such as New Belgium Brewing, Larimer County United Way, Project Self-Sufficiency, The Silver Grill, Style Media & Design, Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch, FOCO Cafe, Homeless Gear, River Song Waldorf School, and Sears Trostel Lumber.

We've learned firsthand that businesses succeed best when their employees are healthy, happy and resilient! There is no doubt that improved performance, higher productivity, and a robust bottom line are all more likely to emerge from employees who are balanced in body, mind and spirit.

How We Can Help Your Business and Employees

AT NO COST WHATSOEVER to your business, as one of our Community Health Partners you, your employees, and family members can receive our acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine services at significant discounts.


  • Everyone's first-time acupuncture appointment is absolutely FREE!

  • Subsequent acupuncture sessions are only $44. That's a whole lot less than the typical $80-150 that most Northern Colorado acupuncturists charge!

  • Also everyone is invited to receive their first 60 minute massage for just $60, almost a third off the usual $85 fee!


How can our services help you and your team? They can:

  • Help reduce employee sick day absences and their related disruptions

  • Resolve small injuries and physical problems before they become more serious

  • Reduce the chronic stress, insomnia and anxiety issues that can lead to major health problems

  • Boost employees' general health, resilience and well-being in support of greater workplace productivity

  • Holistically enhance health and wellness - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually​

Again, it doesn't cost your organization a dime to participate! Your employees pay for our services. But because they work for you and you're one of our Community Health Partners, our services become extra affordable to them!

Register Now!

Our uniquely affordable, quality health services will be available to you and your team members as soon as we receive your online registration.

If you have any questions or suggestions please pass them along to Robert at We LOVE feedback!

Below is the "button" so you can sign up! WELCOME ABOARD!


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